Leverage My Properties

How Can You Leverage Your Properties?

  • If you already own a property, we can help you borrow against the equity you hold in it.
  • If you are a Real Estate Developer, we can help you get a loan against your property.
  • If you have leased your premises and are collecting rent on it, we can help you get cash against your lease.

How Do We Help You Leverage Your Properties?

We can help you acquire Loan Against Property (LAP), LAP for Real Estate Developers or Lease Rental Discounting based on your requirements.


Terms Of Loan Loan Against Property Loan Against Property (Real Estate Developer) Loan For Commercial Purchase Lease Rental Discounting
Loan to Value up to 75%  up to 60%  up to 70% up to 70%
Interest Rate 11.5 – 14%  15 – 18%  11.5 – 14% 11.5 – 14%
Tenure 5 – 15 years  3 – 7 years 5 – 15 years equal to the tenure of the lease agreement