How Can We Help You?

  • Acquire Long Term Loan

  • Ease My Cash Flow

    Cash is the lifeblood of your business. Our job is to help you generate cash so you don’t run dry. We can help you choose the one that will best suit your business. Read through out product offerings to see what we have to offer.

    • Cash Credit

      Do you need cash to tide over your current operational cycle?
      Or do you just need a quick influx of cash flow to pay off your current liabilities?
      For these and various other such situations we can help you obtain a Cash Credit Facility. Click here to get a general overview of the terms that are available.

    • Overdraft Facility

    • Let’s face it; your clients don’t always pay their bills on time leaving you with a cash crunch when you need to pay your bills. We can help you obtain an Overdraft Facility to tide over these liabilities. See the general guidelines of Overdraft Facility here.

  • Trade Finance

    Are you an importer/exporter who is constantly uneasy about delays in shipments, deliveries and payments? We can ease your pain with Trade and Offshore Trade Finance and help your business run smoothly. Read more about the Trade Finance facilities we can help you obtain.

      • Letter Of Credit

    We can help Exporters and Importers obtain Letter Of Credit (LC), allowing you to safeguard your business interest and pre-plan your financial activities. Click here to see how we can Help you with Letters of Credit or LC.

      • Bank Guarantee

    Do you trade in high risk emerging economies? We can help you secure Bank Guarantees to help you mitigate the risks of dealing in emerging economies. See how we can help you secure a Bank Guarantee.

      • Bill Discounting

    Quickest, simplest and most reliable way to get quick cash. Read how we can help you Discount your Bills.

  • Leverage My Properties

    Do you own property and want to leverage it to strengthen your financial situation? If so, read on and we’ll show you how to achieve your goals.

      • Loan Against Property

    If you have a pre-existing property, you can take a loan from your existing equity in it. This is how we can help you get Loan Against Property.

      • Loan Against Property (for Real Estate Developers)

    Getting a Loan Against Property if you are a Real Estate Developer is a time consuming process. Pink Hash Financial Services Pvt. Ltd through its network of banks and NBFCs can walk you through this process. How do I avail Loan Against Property (for Real Estate Developers)?

      • Lease Rental Discounting

    If you have already leased out your premises and are collecting rent on the same, we can help you get cash against it via this process. See how you can Discount your Lease Rental here.

  • External Commercial Borrowing (ECB)

  • Are you looking for foreign currency funds? Or seeking to lower borrowing costs? Or do you just want to diversify your investor base to position yourself as a serious global player? This section will show you how.